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All of our poultry housing has been designed and built by us in our farm workshop in Rutland. We design poultry housing that is durable, easy to clean and most importantly perfect for your birds. We can supply houses suitable for anywhere from 3 to 50 birds with specialist houses available for chickens, ducks and geese. If you have a special requirement please speak to us and we will see what we can do to help!

The Lyndon

This coup is designed to house up to 6 large fowl chickens. It is an ideal coop for small backyard flocks or small breeding flocks. The Lyndon has a slide out floor for easy cleaning and a hinged roof to allow easy access to the house. There is a drop down pop-hole door with hook and eye to it hold open. Inside the house there is a removable perch rail. There is also an external nestbox as standard. All of the external timber is tantalised to protect it from the elements.

This coup is raised off the ground to make cleaning easier and also to provide shelter for your birds during the day. The Lyndon is by far our most popular coup and can be fitted into an existing pen or we can add runs and pens to suit your needs.

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