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Chickens for Sale

Our chickens are all reared locally in carefully controlled conditions to ensure we only supply healthy birds. All of the birds are sold from 16 weeks of age; they cannot be sold any younger than this as they are comprehensively vaccinated to protect them from diseases before they are sold. For large orders (20 plus birds) please contact us for a quote.

Rutland Rhode Rock - £20

This is a striking hybrid pullet which originates from a Rhode Island Red and Barred Plymouth Rock cross. The birds are mainly black with golden feathering running from the neck through towards the tail.

They are a friendly bird well suited to any garden flock. They are also one of our best egg layers with egg numbers between 280 and 300 in their first year of lay.

Rutland Light Sussex – £20

This is a modern hybrid of the all-time favourite – the Light Sussex. This bird has a mix of Sussex and Rhode Island Red in her breeding providing a stunning bird with black feathering around the neck, wing tips and tail. Eggs are a pale tinted colour and they will lay around  230 to 250 eggs in their first year of lay.

Rutland Silver Sussex – £20

This bird has mainly black feathering with distinctive silver laced feathers around the neck and throughout her body. She has been bred using a combination of the Light Sussex and Barred Plymouth Rock.  These birds lay a pale coloured egg and will lay around 230 to 250 eggs in their first year of lay.

Rutland Cuckoo Maran – £20

The Cuckoo Maran originated in the French town of Marans and the first birds were introduced into the England in 1929. They have a lovely mix of silver and black barred feathers creating a unique looking bird which is a prolific layer of brown speckled eggs. Typically they will lay 240 to 260 eggs in their first year of lay.

Rutland Speckeldy – £20

The Speckeldy has very similar markings to those of the Cuckoo Maran the main difference being that the Speckeldy has more silver feathers on her neck. The birds are a cross between Marans and Rhode Island Reds and are good layers of brown shelled eggs. Typically these birds will lay 250 to 270 eggs in their first year of lay.

Rutland Blue – £20

This hen is another Maran based hybrid with stunning smokey blue feathers. She is one of our most popular additions and looks a picture in any flock. These birds will typically lay around 230 to 260 eggs in their first year of lay.

Rutland Copper Black – £25

This bird looks similar to the Rhode Rock but the golden feathering is generally limited to the neck with the body being mainly black in colour. These birds are superb layers of dark brown eggs which is why they remain so popular. They will lay 230 to 260 eggs in their first year of lay.

Rutland White – £20

This is a hybrid based on a White Leghorn. These birds are superb egg layers producing china white shelled eggs. These are one of our smaller birds but definitely one of the most prolific layers with the ability to lay over 300 eggs in their first year of lay.

Rutland Legbars – £25

These birds are a blue egg laying hybrid. They are based on a cream legbar which is a pure blue egg laying breed, however colours do vary and we often have several different colours to choose from. They lay a range of egg colours, usually a pastel blue but some drifting to nearer an olive green. These make a really attractive addition to any flock and will provide you with a lovely range of different coloured eggs! Egg numbers for these birds tend to be around 200-250 in their first year of lay.

Rutland Ranger – £20

This bird is a commercial hybrid bred hen as used in commercial free range farms. These birds tend to have a very placid nature and are a brilliant addition to any flock. These birds are excellent layers and should lay over 300 eggs in their first year of lay.

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