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About Us

Our farm is located on outskirts of the Rutland village of Ketton. The farm is mainly arable producing wheat, barley, oats, oilseed rape and sugar beet. We also have a suckler herd of Charolais beef cattle which graze our grassland. In addition to this we also keep a small number of pigs and a collection of poultry.

Poultry farming has been in our families for generations. Here at Ketton, chickens have been kept for eggs and meat over the years with receipts showing chickens being sold to the Ketton Cement works as far back as the 1950’s.

Further north into Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Andy’s family were big poultry farmers throughout last century with the photo below showing the family poultry farm at Thorney in the 1950’s. At its peak the farm was producing nearly 20,000 eggs a week with all eggs being supplied the local population. In the 1960’s the farm moved a few miles up the road to Laughterton where free range chickens are still roaming!

Andy has kept chickens from the age of 12 starting with three Light Sussex bantams and progressing to 25,000 egg layers producing over 150,000 eggs a week. He has also worked with companies producing ducks, geese and meat chickens. In 2012 Andy completed a Post graduate Diploma in Poultry Science at the Scottish Agricultural College and is a fountain of knowledge in all things poultry related!

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